2018 – Golf of Thailand

Next stop 2018: Gulf of Thailand !

New moorings will be planted soon.

We have received several reports and photos that here many things went wrong. Particularly tour boats cause a massive reef damage. We will now take a closer look.

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Taget Zone



UPDATE: 19.01.2018
Many thanks to T.K.N Concrete in Trat for giving us 18 concrete anchor points for free.

Do it! We start on 22 February. Through Bangkok our team goes straight to Rayong. The "Sea Warrior" is already anchored there. Probably on 24.02 we go to sea, direction Koh Chang.

As always here our final call: we still need helpers on site! Divers are welcome, but also as a normal vacationer you can support us!
Contact: team@save-nemo.org - Keyword: "2018".

To be continued...