Anchor damage at Koh Kradan

Anchor damage at Koh Kradan
Why to walk on corals?

They came, celebrated and destroyed – that is the sad conclusion of Thailand’s New Year Festival Songkran for many reefs off the island of Koh Kradan.

The reason: Because holiday boats had too few anchor buoys available, they were sometimes dropped at low tide on coral benches. Ropes and chains were laced around reefs or the heavy anchors were simply lowered over them.

To stop this devastation and, at the same time, not stifle the tourism that provides the livelihood for many locals, it is more important than ever to stop wild, destructive anchoring in corals and offer alternatives – alternatives such as the moorings project of Save.Nemo.

Our moorings are quick to install, inexpensive and prevent the destruction of underwater paradises such as the reef of Koh Kradan, Had Chao Mai National Park.

With this we can meaningfully support the efforts of the local national park guardians and authorities in the fight to preserve this beautiful underwater landscape.