Next Stop – Sulawesi 10/2017

Manado – Sulawesi

Let’s Go …

… and the Save Nemo e.V. will anchor in the north of Sulawesi in October 2017 :-)
Of course we do not anchor! in reefs but plant about 30 moorings which are already

Many thanks in advance to the team on site and for the many donations that made this project possible in the first place.

We start on 28/10/2017 in Manado with a specially for Save-Nemo converted fishing boat and are still looking for helpers and experienced divers.


Update 29.11.2017:

Our Save-Nemo team is back home in Germany and we have reached our goal: 30 Moorings have been installed!

In addition, a few of our divers had time to do some educational work at schools in Manado and talk about Mico Plastic. (see

Also many new contacts could be made.
Particularly interesting were the discussions around the protection of reefs with the dive centers of Sven and Ferdinand. Many thanks to you for the given information.

Panorama Diving Resort
Sven Reumschüssel

Cakalang Resort & Diving
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Pictures PROJECT: Sulawesi October 2017

There is still a lot to be done …

Crew at work…

Still good location