Save Nemo Foundation develops the world’s first autonomous and cost-effective data buoy for the protection of oceans, rivers and lakes.

• Nemo-Pi is a solar-powered single board computer for monitoring and recording a total of currently 19 different chemical and physical environmental data.
• Sensor data can be connected in modules via Plug&Play and collected, displayed, analyzed and managed via our cloud.
• The fields of application are manifold: due to the robust construction the Nemo-Pi can also be used under harsh conditions.

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to protect our coral reefs.

Rivers / Lakes


for water management and control



for water monitoring and control



for real-time analysis of 19 different values


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Der Nemo-Pi ist ein gemeinnütziges Projekt der Save- Nemo e.V. Deutschland.
Die Soft- und Hardware sind größtenteils Open Source. Damit wollen wir erreichen dass möglichst viele Datenbojen und Sensoren Wasserdaten zur Verschmutzung unsere Gewässer aufgezeichnet werden um entsprechende Gegenmaßnahmen zu treffen. Hierzu brauchen wir Ihre Hilfe!

A reliable basis is the cornerstone of every development.
Save Nemo e.V. cooperates with the Raspberry Foundation to provide you with a reliable and robust data buoy.

• The Nemo-Pi consists of a modified Pi-Zero. It is powered either by a 10W solar panel attached to a buoy/mooring or by a conventional power supply.
• The measuring intervals can be set flexibly via our cloud or automatically and depending on solar radiation. This makes 365/24 operation possible without any problems.
• Due to its modular concept, new sensors can easily be connected or exchanged.
• Software updates are installed automatically.

A unique variety of sensors at an affordable price.
Over 2 years we have worked on the development of our technology.

Our sensors are made of stainless steel, long-term tested and seawater resistant.
A total of 19 different chemical and physical values can be determined, transmitted and evaluated. Among the most important are:

• Water temperature • Wave height
• Turbidity • Barometer
• Humidity • ORP (Redox)
• PH • Conductivity
• UV/A und UV/B • Luminous intensity
• dissolved oxygen • much more …

Experimental: • current • Nitrogen

User-friendly installation and evaluation.
Via the Nemo-PI Cloud you have access to your data at any time. Free of charge.

• Sensor values can be transmitted to our intelligent cloud for storage and evaluation via GSM or W-Lan. You decide at which time the Nemo-Pi will poll which sensors.
• The evaluation is carried out graphically or in tabular form. In the future, artificial intelligence will be used to make predictions.
• It is even possible to calibrate the sensors via our cloud: this saves you tiresome on-site work.

Nemo-Pi Cloud