Say NO Plastic Herford, Germany

Family Berhaus, Save Nemo e.V. and K-Visions say NO TO PLASTIC
at Herford`s Christmas Market

Christmas Market – Herford / Germany
A few days ago, the Save Nemo e.V.  received a call from Ramona Berghaus, known for the Aloha Beach Club and her “Christmas Market Gate” at Alter Markt Herford.

Within the Berghaus family, we have decided not to use disposable plastic, as far as possible to save our Oceans and to support Save Nemo. e.V. Our guests at Christmas Market Herford 2018 should decide for themselves if they want to use plasic – straws. Yes or No ! ”


Save Nemo and K-Visions set up the flyers for our customers.

“A fantastic commitment of the Berghaus Family and K-Visions Germany !
Small acts can do great things“, says Diemo Niemann,  Founder of Save Nemo e.V. “and it would be great if more local companies were limiting the use of disposable plastic to protect our seas.”





But why is this a problem??
Simple…, says Niemann: “a piece of disposable plastic costs far less than 1ct in production. The use of a straw lasts on average 5-8 minutes, but biodegradation lasts up to 400 years. Think about it “.

Plastic garbage floating in our seas and rivers is being crushed further and further by waves moving along the riparian zones.

Marine life confuses the colorful plastic parts with their food – cancer-causing chemicals are absorbed into the food cycle. In this the way, the plastic comes back to you. Like it or not.

However, plastic is also a major threat to corals too: for them, the risk of disease increases +20 %  Likewise, photosynthesis is inhibited. Urgently needed light and food are scarce and the coral reef dies.

Save Nemo e.V. actively and efficiently advocates the protection of reefs and corals in our oceans.

Right now in November 2018 our team is coming back from Indonesia. Once again we have installed moorings in different parts of the country and examined the local situation in the north-east of Bali with NoFearDiving . And of course we tested our Nemo-Pi

By side, we visited the OurOcean conference in Bali which has given us important incentives to protect the oceans. Also, we are in close contact with the organization “Trash Hero” and take the opportunity for a beach cleanup in Amed. ”