Our Ocean 2019

Our Ocean 2019
Save Nemo e.V. is one of the world’s TOP 370 most important marine conservation organizations.

The animal and nature conservation organisation Save Nemo e.V. from Germany, Herford, is one of the 370 most important supporters worldwide for the sustainable, measurable protection of the oceans and marine life in 2019-2020.


Oslo – Great success for Save Nemo:

After only three years, Herford’s based Save Nemo e.V. was included in the list of the most sustainable and measurably successful supporters of marine conservation for the year2019-2020.

This award makes us proud and is, at the same time, an incentive to pursue our voluntary commitment with even more energy,” says Diemo Niemann, CEO of Save Nemo e.V. The list includes such prominent companies and organizations as Prince Albert II of Monaco, the National Geographic Society and Adidas and many more.

Despite this success, Save Nemo founder Niemann looks directly to the future. “We are still a long way from reaching our goals. Reefs are still being destroyed by “wild anchoring”. This can be prevented quickly and sustainably with simple steps,” says Niemann.

Save.Nemo e.V. was founded at the end of 2016. Numerous publications attracted widespread attention for this unique, non-profit project. Already in 2018 Save Nemo was one of the best rated nature conservation organizations in NRW, Germany in the Google Impact Challenge.

The primary goal is the protection of coral reefs through anchor points, so-called moorings, at which ships can moor without destroying the seabed and coral reefs. Save Nemo has built over 300 of these anchor points worldwide. The goal is to double the number by end of 2020. To reach this Save Nemo wants to cooperate with tourism- and shipping companies and hotel chains.

Another focus is the development of the NemoPI, a solar-powered, cost-effective underwater weather station. This makes it possible to continuously monitor and record water quality and thus also pollution in coastal areas.

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