Next Project: Indonesia 2018

Indonesien 2018
Nächstes Projekt: Indonesien

Indonesen 2018:  Ready to go. Soon the Save Nemo Team will travel to Indonesia to protect our corals, reefs and of cause Nemo.  Many things to do over there.

In addition to our everyday work, our next project site is selected:
It’s back to Indonesia – this time with 2 teams.

What we do this time?
1) Jakarta:
We are preparing an appointment with the Ministry of Fisheries and Environment and hope to speak directly with Minister Susi Pudjiastuti. The goal: cooperation in the selection of endangered areas.

2) Flores Sea:
We were already in late 2016 in the region around Labuhanbajo. Now information has reached us that the situation is getting worse. Plastic but especially again damage from anchors were reported.
Here we will test a new sensor for the Nemo-Pi, which detects floating materials in the water. In addition, we have 6 moorings with us and we will install them in a suitable place. Free of course.

3) Sulawesi:
Here we will review our 2017 moorings and expand them.
At North Maluku we will have a closer look.

PLUS: We will visit the Our Ocean Summit Bali ( 29-30. October 2018) and present our new Nemo-Pi along with some projects how we can make our ocean more blue again.


Stay tuned…