Google Impact Challenge 2018: SAVE NEMO WINNS
with the Nemo- PI underwater weatherstation.

An incredibly amazing moment when our team was selected as the winners in the local projects section of the Impact Challenge.

We thank all supporters! Not only that our project has won - the Nemo Pi was among the TOP 3 of the best voted finalists 2018.

Press release and pictures

Our supporters:

Its high time to Save Nemo and his reefs

Colorful corals in beautiful shapes, countless vibrant swarms of big and small fish, an incredible variety of species. This is how you imagine a living coral reef, the home of nemo, the clown fish.

Reality looks different in many parts of the world: instead of living corals, divers and snorkelers see an underwater desert, hardly alive corals and very little fish.

But why?
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Save Nemo develops intelligent cloud in fight against pollution of the oceans.

Thanks to artificial intelligence Nemo A.I. Cloud delivers reliable predictive models of the oceans pollution and further chemical and physical data. Task Force has been foundet.