Authorities and organizations from the three islands of Samui, Tao and Phangan want to work closely together and take appropriate action to protect the environment and marine life.

The Save Nemo Foundation was back in Thailand in early 2018 looking for clues in the Gulf of Thailand. A team took a look around the islands around Koh Samui and we were surprised that the local government is active this year. Also thanks to our activities in the fall of 2017.

Measures for the key tourist destinations are due to come into force in July, Jatuporn Burutphat announced as head of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources. Boats should no longer be anchored in the vicinity of coral reefs, feeding of marine life is forbidden, fish may no longer be caught, the discharge of effluents into the sea is prohibited, and no protection may be granted to structures that could damage the resources. In the previous year, it had already been decided at a meeting on the Koh Kai, more buoys for the creation of boats and ships to install. In front of the three islands there are 25,310 Rai coral reefs.

In addition, a far-reaching management of sewage and waste has now been decided. Koh Tao incurs 30 tons of waste each day, and Koh Samui can not handle a 250,000-ton dump, while on Koh Phangan it is 7,300 tons of garbage every day. In the conversation is the collection of entrance fees of tourists, besides they are to show a health and accident insurance, reports the „Bangkok Post“. In the presence of the Minister of Sport and Tourism, Veerasak Kohsurat, representatives of 21 organizations signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Thursday. Now it should be implemented.

Most recently, the Save Nemo e.V. was on all of these 3 islands in the autumn of 2017 and can confirm the situation on site. It is high time that this is what is being done here. Especially the excursion boats cause a massive damage that makes tears come to every diver’s eyes. We will work on this too.

Stay tuned !