Responsibility & Respect

Coral reefs are unique, biologically diverse and complex ecosystems, sometimes referred to as “rainforests of the ocean”.Pollution, diseases, invasive species and careless tourists, but especially wild anchoring of diving and snorkeling boats can hurt them.

The dying of coral reefs destabilizes the global ecological balance and can even have a negative impact on the local economy.

Coral reefs regulate the amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean, making it a crucial factor in the food chain. There are simple ways to protect our coral reefs: 

1) Avoid kicking or touching a coral reef. 
Attacking your boat against a coral reef can cause serious damage. Be aware of where a coral reef is, so your boat can not even crash. People can destroy coral reefs by simply touching them!

2) Do not anchor in reefs! 
Contact with things such as anchors or fishing nets is one of the most important factors under which reefs suffer. Save- Nemo eV is actively involved in the search for intact reefs in 10 years.

3) Do not throw any waste at the beach or ocean. 
Garbage on the beach can damage coral reefs and nemo. Through tides and currents, your waste is becomes the so-called microplastic – deadly for Nemo

4) Do not purchase souvenirs from coral. You should not take anything living from the ocean nor buy it in the shop. In some countries, there are jewelry and other souvenirs made from coral. Do not buy them.

5) Be careful during snorkeling and diving. Many people like to snorkel near coral reefs because of their unique beauty. Snorkelers and divers can also cause great damage to coral reefs, especially in areas with many tourists.

6) Active help !
Save- Nemo is a non-profit organization. You can help us by publicizing our website but also with donations.