Let’s go!:

FINALLY! Save Nemo starts again in 2023 to protect coral reefs.

The time has come !!

Save Nemo e.V. starts again with its team to protect coral reefs after Corona. Destination Indonesia.

Almost three years ago Save Nemo flew to the Philippines to build moorings for the first time. Due to Corona, nothing came of it and a team was stuck in Asia for 2 months.

Now we start again with 2 teams:
1) First we check our mooring points in North Sulawesi.
2) Then we will map reefs around Ternate (North Moluccas).
3) If the political and security situation allows it, there will be an inspection on Timor as well.


We are particularly excited to test the cloud-based version of NemoPis in Bali.
This version sends pollution water data to our cloud https://nemopi.com where the values are analyzed and enriched with artificial intelligence.
We will report on this in detail later.
NEED TO SAY: without the hardware and software team of NemoPis this success would not have been possible. Save Nemo says „thank you a thousand times“ for the fantastic performance. You are great !