Rapid prototyping gets better and faster with the help of Elegoo.com





New underwater sensor housing to protect oceans flora and fauna

I am happy to tell you about our new strategic partner Elegoo.com.
While our software team is diligently working on the completion of our cloud software, the company Elegoo.com supports our hardware development in rapid prototyping of the databuoy NemoPi and its sensors.

Why? Our sensors have to withstand numerous environmental influences. Standard housings are usually not suitable for this or have only a short service life.
With 3D printers from Elegoo – here the Mars 3 series – our engineers can develop new prototypes quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the Elegoo printers are very accurate and stand up to the demands of our complex aquadynamic calculations. A great success!
You can see the first prototypes here on the blog soon.

The good thing at the end: of course we publish all 3D data (STL) for rebuilding after testing here on www.save-nemo.org as open source.