Nemo-pi Boje

New float with 50Watt solar panel


100 % reliable:

Covid keeps the world in breath. Many planned Save Nemo projects in Indonesia could not take place or even had to be cancelled – link. Nevertheless, we continue to work in distributed, worldwide teams and fight for every m² of coral reef.

Among others also on the Nemo-Pi, which already reliably delivers data to our cloud at 30 locations. And now there is the next milestone: the final version of the float could be reliably tested:

What’s new is a larger float that safely protects our hardware even in high waves and reliably sends data.
Also, a 3x larger solar panel with now 50Watt. This allows us to operate the Nemo-Pi 24×7 even in areas with less sunlight (+-45° latitude) throughout the year.

Also new is that we can now easily connect and expand the sensors of the Nemo-Pi via Plug&Play. Until now it was necessary to have a separate connection for each sensor. Through BUS technology it is now sufficient to simply plug in the sensor… the Nemo-Pi and the cloud do the rest. This makes it possible to simplify maintenance and upgrade measurement modules quickly and inexpensively.

As soon as our teams can travel safely again, we hope to officially release the Nemo-Pi in 2021.