Update: Next Project: Indonesia 2018

Nächstes Projekt: Indonesien

Indonesia 2018:  Ready to go. Soon the Save Nemo Team will travel to Indonesia to protect our corals, reefs and of cause Nemo.  Many things to do over there.

In addition to our everyday work, our next project site is selected:
It’s back to Indonesia – this time with 2 teams.

What we do this time?
1) Jakarta:
We are preparing an appointment with the Ministry of Fisheries and Environment and hope to speak directly with Minister Susi Pudjiastuti. The goal: cooperation in the selection of endangered areas.

2) Flores Sea:
We were already in late 2016 in the region around Labuhanbajo. Now information has reached us that the situation is getting worse. Plastic but especially again damage from anchors were reported.
Here we will test a new sensor for the Nemo-Pi, which detects floating materials in the water. In addition, we have 6 moorings with us and we will install them in a suitable place. Free of course.

3) Sulawesi:
Here we will review our 2017 moorings and expand them.
At North Maluku we will have a closer look.

PLUS: We will visit the Our Ocean Summit Bali ( 29-30. October 2018) and present our new Nemo-Pi along with some projects how we can make our ocean more blue again.
Stay tuned…

UPDATE: 30.01.2019

Here the long awaited update on our engagement in Indonesia, November 2018 .
Our second team was underway until the beginning of January 2019 to protect our corals and their inhabitants, such as Nemo the clownfish.
We have achieved a lot. Here is the summary:

First of all the bad news: unfortunately we were unable to meet either Ms. Susi Pudjiastuti or Svenja Schulze on-site.  Even though both were present at the OurOcean Conference in Bali. Too bad – but we’ll stay with that and continue our work.

Nevertheless, we have achieved our goals!
With two teams we were „on the road“ and have 7 moorings installed on the Moluccan Islands!  In addition, we have reviewed our data buoy Nemo PI that has been sending pollution data to our servers now for over a year.









Next Stop Our Ocean Conference 2018 – Bali

Here some pictures:


The OurOcean Conference 2018 is an important message to all concerned.
More than 1.5 billion people on our planet live on coasts and are economically directly or indirectly dependent on them. It is obvious that more attention needs to be paid to the protection of the seas.

Save Nemo e.V.  agrees to these projects. The Indonesian government has come to act effectively: various research and development programs have been launched. „Just right and maybe not to late. Go on !

Many contacts were made. E.g. with the first Indonesian diving association IDA or the National Oceanic Organization. Through both partnerships we will gain important data for the new Nemo-AI cloud.

The tsunami on Sulawesi 2018 has left its foodprints. „We help where we can“ ; however, we do not reach our Nemo-Pi data buoys due to closed roads.


Finally, here are some pictures to document the underwater world and our moorings. We were traveling in Amed / Bali and have investigated some dive sites with NoFear Diving. The UW- world is still fine here -> but there are suggestions for improvement that we are trying to implement this year.


2019 – what’s next?
The year 2019 will be very exciting. Of course, we will travel back to Asia and other countriens to install more moorings – probably in April and November.
Added to this, is the final release of the Nemo-Pi and the development of the Nemo-AI Cloud is Top 1 to our development team.

As always and after each completed mission: here our call for support of Save Nemo e.V.: We are looking for divers who support us on site as well as programmers and technical enthusiasts for the further development of the Nemo-Pi and the Nemo A.I. Cloud.

Just write to: team@magmarworks.com

We’ll keep you up to date…